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repository guidelines

The repository is composed of multiple projects. Openbugs is the main project. Each project has a trunk directory, and a branches directory.

The trunk directory represents the main line of development. It is preferable to commit changes to the trunk whenever possible. Before creating a new branch for some experimental code, come up with some strong reasons it should not be in trunk. The goal is to stick to the stable trunk strategy.

At the time of a new release, a branch is created representing the state of the project for that release. This new branch becomes the place for bugfixes to that release.

The svn command to create a new repository (3.1.1 in the example) is

svn cp . https://snthomas99@openbugs.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/openbugs/openbugs/branches/r3.1.1

The command is executed from within the trunk directory (if it is the version you want to commit). Issue a svn update command before the svn cp command. If using a bash shell, to write a commit message, it may be necessary to issue the command export VISUAL=vim to specify an editor before the svn cp command.

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