There are several manuals for BUGS, covering different aspects of the use of BUGS and specialized add ons to the basic BUGS software. In addition, there is now a developers' manual. The basic manual is the OpenBUGS User Manual, so new users should start there.

The links below are for the online versions of the manuals. They are also available from the 'Manuals' menu item in the Windows version of the program.

The auto-generated HTML addresses for entries in the GeoBUGS and ReliaBUGS manuals sometimes have duplicated manual names. The extra manual name must be deleted with your browser to observe the page, e.g.

must be changed to

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Users' Manuals

The OpenBUGS User Manual is the basic manual for BUGS, explaining how to specify and run models.

OpenBUGS User Manual in PDF format

GeoBUGS Manuals

For those interested in spatial models, the GeoBUGS Manual describes how to set up spatial models in BUGS, as well as draw maps of spatially distibuted quantities.

ReliaBUGS Manuals

The ReliaBUGS Manual describes numerous distributions from Reliability Theory. (The links to examples are not working properly. The examples can be viewed by eliminating redundant directory levels in the generated URLs.)

Developers' Manuals

The Developers' Manual is there to help anyone wishing to modify or extend the source code.