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If you are logged in, you should be able to edit this page with any requests/feedback. Alternatively, email us <SOMEBODY HAS openbugs LOST AT openbugs A DOT GOOD net HAT>

I'd like permission to create a bug report, about a build failure on Ubuntu. KevinVanHorn

I'd like permission to create a BUG report, about a computational error in the ilogit function. SilviadeHaan

I'd like to be able to report a discrepancy in computation between Open/WinBUGS can I have permission to create a page in the BugTracker please. RobRobinson

I have some problems in updaters controls to report for batch version of Bugs. Could I have a premission to do that? Thank you, my username is AW.

Hello - I have found that the gammap function does not seem to work in release 3.2.1 rev 781. Could you please give permission or create a bug report ? thanks, Phil

I would like to contribute to the OpenBUGS project starting with the ability to edit this wiki. In particular, I noticed the Examples are pointing to openbugs2.info rather than openbugs.info. thanks, JaradNiemi

Hello, I've found that the Student's t distribution works well for any degrees of freedom k>0, the same as in R, although the manual says k>=2. Thanks, GuohuaYan

Hi there... I am Matt... sounds like I need to write here to get access to the OpenBUGS project to create bug reports. Thank you.

Hello, I'm having an issue with the dmnorm command and would like to create a bug report. Thanks, AthenaSheppard

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