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Brief Description

Scripting commands for controlling updaters stopped working between 3.0.3 and 3.0.6.

*Operating System: Linux, Windows
*OpenBUGS version: 3.06, 3.07


Script file (Use attachment button to add)

modelSetAP('Slice.Factory', 1234)

In OpenBUGS 3.0.3, the first command would set the adaptive phase of the Slice sampler and the second would disable it. No output was added to the log file after the successful completion of these commands. But the results could be verified by running the script interactively within the GUI and verifying the changes in the "Updater Options" dialogue.

Log file (Use attachment button to add)

In OpenBUGS 3.0.6 and 3.0.7, these commands produce the following errors:

can not set updater's adaptive phase
update method not found

I also tried the alternative "modelSetAP('UpdaterSlice.Factory', 1234)" using the full name of the factory. This form is used in the validation code (see, for example, validation/CommonExamples/commonComp.R). It does not work either.

Model, data, inits (ascii input files, use attachment button to add)

These commands are run before you define the model.



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