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Brief Description

Random number generator menu "Set" does not highlight before "Compile" as is the case with WinBugs 1.4.3.

After compile, the "Set" button highlights, but if it is selected, the error dialog appears: "Command Set State not found in BugsCmds"

*Operating System: Windows XP
*OpenBugs version: 3.0.3


Screen shots (Use attachment button to add)




Describe the sequence of menu selections creating the error

The first screen shot occurred after syntax checking and data input, but before the model was compiled.

The second screen shot occurred after the model was compiled and shows a negative seed?

The third screen shot shows the error dialog box after parameter initialization and a new seed was entered. This dialog box seems to appear anytime set seed is requested after the model is compiled.

Model, data, inits (.odc file preferred, use attachment button to add)




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