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Brief Description

Using revision 453 from the repo, the matrix.pow function (or user-written functions based on the GraphVectortemp1.odc template) results in a nil dereference trap that points to GraphVectorT.Node.Set. The error does not occur with revision 400 or the OpenBUGS 3.0.7 beta relase (based on revision 397)

*Operating System: Windows XP
*OpenBUGS version: Revision 453


GUI instructions or script (preferred) to produce bug (Use attachment button to add)

The following trivial model results in the trap when you hit Model->compile (after doing Model->check model). No data or inits necessary.


x[1,1] <- 1

x[1,2] <- 0

x[2,1] <- 0

x[2,2] <- 1

y[1:2, 1:2] <- matrix.pow(x[,], 2)


Model, data, inits (.odc file preferred, Use attachment button to add)

What "attachment button"?


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