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Community Pages

The success of OpenBUGS will depend on the community getting together to share their experience. This set of pages is where OpenBUGS users can exchange ideas.

Contributed Code

There are a great many models developed by BUGS users. Here is the place to collect them together, so that other users can use the collective wisdom of the BUGSome.

Feel free to contribute your own code. It can be simplified from the code used in a full analysis: the point should be to demonstrate how BUGS can be used for a particular type of problem. Users will want to change the code to suit their own purposes.

User-contributed Code (including BRugs/R2OpenBUGS)


* December xx, 2009: Beta release of OpenBUGS3.x.x * Old News

OpenBUGS Events

There are occasional events of specific interest to OpenBUGS users: courses, meetings etc. This is a list of current and past events.

Past Events

Here are (will be!) links to other sites about BUGS and MCMC.

The WinBUGS site remains active.

Other Ways of Communicating

* The WinBUGS mailing list

* The OpenBUGS developers mailing list

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